Occupational Health

Our Aim is to help corporate organizations establish and maintain a healthy and safe work environment.

Claron’s Occupational Health and Safety Services are tailored for various industries with 3 objectives in mind:

Maintain a well-performing and motivated workforce
Prevent work-related diseases
Efficiency work and production processes

Clinic & Medical Centers

  •  Visual and Hearing Assessment Center
  •  Spirometry assessment and testing
  •  Ergonomic assessment and testing
  •  Air quality testing
  •  Sound/Noise measurements
  •  Disability and injury assessment
  •  Including the Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment and Critical Infrastructure list
  •  Disability assessments
  •  Malaria vector control programs
  •  Health education talks and the distribution of marketing material
  •  Health Risk Assessments
  •  Hygiene surveys
  •  Medical waste disposal
  •  Medical Surveillance Screening and plans
  •  Occupational disease management

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