Why Choose Claron

Same Day Doctors

Book an appointment to see our doctors anytime! We make healthcare more convenient and accessible to you. Same day appointments with no waiting time.

Get Regular
Health Checks

Regular health checks are very important. It helps to find, prevent, or lessen the effect of diseases. We have various convenient packages for all ages.

Reliable 24-hour

We provide access to two 24-hour hotlines where you can book appointments and have all your health concerns addressed. You can also chat online with us.

Online Access to
Manage your Health

We believe healthcare should be accessible and convenient. Our clients can securely access their medical records anytime.

Convenient Healthcare

Every client who walks into Claron has a unique story to tell! We personalize our services to suit the needs of everyone.

Talk to your Doctor Anywhere and at Anytime

Tele-medicine is the future and we are already in the future! We make it possible for you to talk to your doctor or healthcare advisor from anywhere.

Same Day Laboratory
Testing and Results

Quality and efficient laboratory systems is very essential for diagnosis and quick decision making. Speed and accuracy is our hallmark!

All International Vaccinations
Available at your Convenience

Whether it’s vaccines for your new born, to prevent diseases or for travelling, look no further than Claron. We have all the International Vaccines available at our Medical Centre.
What We Do

Imagine a Healthcare system that is focused on treating disease but aimed at promoting health and prolonging life.

Visualize a health care that is made up of a team of doctors and health professionals who really understand your healthcare needs and will work round the clock to get you, your family and your colleagues in good and excellent health.

That is what we do at Claron. Personalized and affordable healthcare with you in mind is our passion and our story.

How We Work

At Claron we always put our clients first and at the center of everything that we do. We see our clients as unique individual with personal healthcare needs. Everything we do is embedded in this aspiration and goal. Our code of promise to our clients is to listen to their unique personal stories and then tailor solutions to each of them.

Make an Appointment Today
We Accept Your Insurance

Claron accepts health plans from most insurance carriers and Medicare.

Our goal is to make quality health care accessible to everyone. Learn more about how insurance works at Claron.

Local Insurers


International Insurers

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Our patients love their Claron experience, and they’ll tell you about it.
Our health care service is consistently ranked in the top 100.

  • With a focus on preventive health and wellness, Claron's approach to providing health services is bound to improve productivity at the workplaces of its clients
    Carl Agbenyega
    Ashesi University
  • Thanks so much Claron for your Health Programs and Health awareness. Health is indeed wealth !
    Abibatu Conteh
  • A Modern small clinic. Very kind staff. Clean and nicely decorated
    Hassan Bahsoun
  • Good health is more than just exercise. Yes take your medications whenever, they are prescribed, however Claron reminds you not to neglect your diet in addition. Claron the exceptional health care experience.
    Sylvester Ashong Ayayee
  • I have always wanted to change my lifestyle and improve my health, but always found it very difficult. Claron Wellness program empowered me to take action! I felt at home at the doctor's office. The process was easy and comfortable and would recommend it for everyone.
    Kwasi Bonsu, Accountant
  • Since the beginning of the partnership between NMH and CHI, CHI has delivered all services with high professional competence at great convenience to all our members. CHI is very accommodating and would do all that is required and more to ensure total client satisfaction without compromising quality. With Claron, satisfaction and quality are assured
    Mrs. Nancy Ampah, CEO
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